Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Photographic Editing Offences - #2. WATERMARKING

So, you're pathetic enough to believe someone will steal your photos?

In this post I will be talking about one of the fundamental offences of photographic editing, namely watermarking photographs.

Perhaps every photographer reading this has at one time watermarked one of their photos to protect it from the thieves on the Internet. This not only ruins your priceless work of art, it makes you look like a big headed, self absorbed twerp. What gave you the impression that your photo was amazing enough to be protected?

If somebody on 'da interwebz' wants your picture, they will take it. If you're that scared a crappy, overexposed, landscape you took while on holiday is going to be stolen by the hackers, then don't upload it to the Internet.

Say a company that wants to use your photo, (which I very much doubt) they will not steal it. They will contact you and ask for its use. If they don't, then you can still invoice them. A watermark will not make a difference. Actually it will - they'll pass it by thinking it's going to be too expensive because you watermarked it.

Let's face it... you'd let it run in a magazine for free anyway.

Wouldn't you?
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  1. I do watermark my stuff, and I realize it pisses you lesser photographers off. Tough. And I'm pretty sure it prevents the casual theft.

  2. Casual theft my ASS. Any idiot can take a watermark out of a picture.

  3. I can see why you answered me from this not subtle at all are you?? LOL!! -signed a big headed, self absorbed twerp

    by the way...I am like so thinking majorly man, that you are 100% correct about this and my stupid, limiting, pissing me off daily, licensing me the rest of the way my friend...