Friday, 3 July 2009

Photographic Editing Offences - #3. SELECTIVE COLOURING

The lack of creativity is disturbing.

Don't be fooled by selective colouring in digital photos. There is nothing clever about it and will only convey the so called 'artist' as another pathetic and uncreative moron. Look out for black and white scenes featuring a woman in a red dress, or a field of monochrome sunflowers with just one of them standing proud and in colour. It's PATHETIC.

Just because you got a B grade in your middle school art exam doesn't make you a prodigy in the field of photography. Quite frankly, your time would be better spent torturing small animals with the use of a microwave rather than editing photos resulting in sickly creations like this.

It's nothing more than another tacky editing process that is an attempt to make a poor photograph seem more interesting. Sure it worked, for a while, about ten years ago when a photographer first discovered the masking tool in whatever version of Photoshop was around in those days, but now, they are thrashed about and as tacky as Princess Diana souvenirs.

Lets get one thing straight. You are not Steven Spielberg nor Frank Miller and you cannot pull this one off. Leave it to the experts please and stop stripping your photos of all life in a vain attempts at disguising your lack of skilled photography!

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Long live PEO!


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